Dell PSU Failure?

  concise 10:23 22 Jun 2010

Dell XPS210, Vista.6 months out of service contract!
Power on button when pressed: "Green" if O.K. and P.C. fires up. Steady amber - "a device may be malfunctionining". Flashing amber - "internal power problem may exist."
I have the flashing amber. The P.C. will often come on after a random number of attempts, hence I am able to send this, sometimes I give up.
Usually I get a millisecond of 'whirr' a glimpse of the green LED on the DVD tray then nothing, no lights, no fans, no nothin' except flashing amber.

I am assuming this will be a Power Supply failure but any thoughts gratefully received.

  onthelimit 10:31 22 Jun 2010

Sounds a bit like, but not dear click here

  concise 10:45 22 Jun 2010

Thanks for ultra quick response!
I'll do a bit more delving and almost certainly go for it.
Thanks again.

  concise 08:25 01 Jul 2010

For no apparent reason P.C. started working ok again. Am wondering if due to the heatwave at the time it was suffering from heat exhaustion!

  onthelimit 08:42 01 Jul 2010

...may be worth taking the panels off and giving the heat sinks and PSU a blow-out with compressed air. Odd that it happened at start up, though - would normally expect a heat problem to show up after a while.

  concise 08:44 01 Jul 2010

Will do.

  sherwoodsolns 18:18 01 Jul 2010

also along with the clean up of the fan and heatsink - let your laptop batteries fully drain and recharge a couple of times - battery memory may also cause the warning lights you mention. It is not likely to be AC adaptor causing issues - you can check by putting a multimeter to the output and check DC voltage (16-19volts usually - see base of adaptor for correct output). Try also booting without the battery in place - if all is fine - again may be battery "memory" issues.

with the laptop working again - go into BIOS and check the CPU temperature limit - it may be too low for the "hot" weather and this is prematurely shutting down the machine when it gets too hot.

  concise 23:25 01 Jul 2010

sherwoodsolns hi,
XPS210 is a desktop albeit a thin one! I believe it was Dell's smallest unit possibly still is. Perhaps I should have said "internal" power supply originally. I understand from other sources the PSU in this model is near the limit.
The narrow case packs things a bit which probably doesn't help. It also makes upgrading difficult as few if any graphics cards fit.
Thanks for input, I'll check the BIOS as suggested.

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