Dell Precision M6500, price ?

  cebrzyk90 17:32 30 Apr 2017


I just wonder how much could I get for my Dell Precision M6500? Overall condition is good but touch pad is not working.

GPU: Quadro FX 3800M Memory: 16GB RAM CPU: Intel Core i7 x920 @2,00 GHz Hard Discs: ST9500423S ATA Device (465GB) Kingston SMS200S3120G ATA Device (111GB) Samsung SSD 830 Series ATA Device (119GB)

  wee eddie 18:01 30 Apr 2017

FE will post, at some point, that we don't advise people on the value of second hand goods.

As it's a Dell you are unlikely to be able to sell it, even for parts.

  Forum Editor 18:13 30 Apr 2017

As mentioned above, we do not offer advice on the value of used computers.

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