Dell Precision 450 vs. HP p6754y

  kgo76 18:36 11 Jul 2013

We have two PCs in our household--a Dell Precision 450, and an HP p6754y--but we no longer use the Dell, because it is incredibly slow, and basically good for nothing. From what I have gleaned through Internet searching, this Dell model should be a decent computer, and seems comparable (if not better?), than the, my question is: why does my HP work relatively smoothly, while the Dell is relatively worthless? Am I mistaken in my understanding that this Dell should be sufficient for moderate gaming (minecraft, facebook games, etc.), and otherwise novice-grade usage (Internet-surfing, MS Word, etc.)? Should I scrap this Dell and buy some other used PC, or is there some simple answer that I am just too ignorant to see? If I should buy something else, what is a good recommendation? Also, if I'm replacing the Dell, my preference would be to go to a laptop, but only if it can be done cheaply, and without losing the speed, capacity, etc. necessary for my aforementioned needs.

  lotvic 19:01 11 Jul 2013

You could start by checking out the Dell on click here for Dell uk there are diagnostic tools you can use and all info needed.

  bumpkin 22:01 11 Jul 2013

kgo76, have you tried reinstalling the OS on the Dell.

  lotvic 22:24 11 Jul 2013

bumpkin, later, later.... First ought to check out the hardware with Dell Diagnostics.

  bumpkin 22:38 11 Jul 2013

Lotvik OK then if you prefer the gently gently approach:-)

  kgo76 19:08 12 Jul 2013

Lotvik, thank you; I will try that. Bumpkin, thank you; I will try that, if the first option fails. ;) Either way, thank you both for giving me starting points.

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