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  BeesFan 13:33 24 Mar 2005

The power supply on my Dimension 8300 is looking like its going to die any minute (fan is rattling and there is smell starting to come from it) so I went to buy a replacement unit

I now find that the Dell PSUs are non standard in so far as the cables are different and the mains socket is placed differently so that normal PSUs dont align with the hole in the rear of the Dell case.

Where can I get a new one? Please dont say ring Dell support as the indian people there, whilst charming are totally useless. Two didnt know what I was talking about and one promised a ring back and never did

Pls pls help - Im self employed and this a work PC

  TOPCAT® 13:59 24 Mar 2005
  TOPCAT® 14:14 24 Mar 2005

click here Hope yours is among them! TC.

  georgemac © 14:22 24 Mar 2005

click here might be worth ana email to this seller to see if he can get one for you or click here

call dell click here but a new part will probably cost loads

click here all the tech docs for the dimension 8300 - dell are superb at this.

  georgemac © 14:29 24 Mar 2005

click here the psu description

click here how to remove and replace it but no part number!

best to give them a call.

  BeesFan 15:57 24 Mar 2005

Dell now say they dont sell these psus as spares - great eh? They do give 2 3rd party companies who may sell them however

thx for the ebay links which look very promising - i am trying to make contact with the seller

Anyone know why you cant get PSUs over 250w? Mine is a P4 3.06 with 6 of the power connectors being used.....surely 250w is a joke?

  georgemac © 16:11 24 Mar 2005

click here this looks like an adapter cable from a standard atx power connector to the dell motherboard connector

apparently the dimension 8300 power supply is a standard size so a normal psu will fit in the case - if the hole does not align - simple - cut a new hole

dell support should be able to confirm if this cable would work with a standard, more powerful psu

if it does go for a quality brand, with good max output ratings on +3.3 +5 and + 12 volt rails

  georgemac © 16:20 24 Mar 2005

looking at the system docs for your dimension, it looks like the psu has a standard 20 pin atx connector with the wires in the same configuration as a normal atx connector click here scroll down a bit and compare with your dell psu click here

  BeesFan 16:27 24 Mar 2005


U are being an absolute star :)

I purchased a standard 650w triple fan PSU and not only did it not align at the rear, but it was too long and would not snap into place and be held by the in-case retaining clip.

Im worried that fitting another low wattage PSu will only mean that the same problem will occur again later. Im also concerned that if the connectors are wired differently i could blow the mobo

Why the hell did Dell go down this route.....grrr

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