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  [DELETED] 12:35 24 Jun 2006

My friends brought a Dell Notebook a few months ago and only took out the 90 day collect and return warranty.
Now we have found the laptop has no power. It seems the battery has run flat and the charger won't charge it. Also it won't run when plugged in to the adaptor either. What should she do? Just buy another battery or is it the notebook that is faulty?
Can anyone advise?

  [DELETED] 12:42 24 Jun 2006

Don't buy Dell. I have just made a thread on this, it seems Dell, want money not satisfyed costumers. My brothers one stopped started on charging, then caught fire. If you have another AC adapter with the same voltage, try that, but be careful.

  [DELETED] 12:44 24 Jun 2006

So its not the battery, its the adaptor?

  [DELETED] 12:48 24 Jun 2006

Yup, it's the adapter, the battery is just dead probably, if you plugged a new adaper in, the battery would charge and be fine.

  [DELETED] 12:54 24 Jun 2006

I would ask how old the laptop is. The reason being your friend will have to pay for the return, presumming its past the 90 days, but Dell have a legal obligation for one year for all parts. Now this excludes the battery I believe but if the laptop will not even work while connected to the mains I would think that the battery is probably not the problem, it may be the mains charger or it may be something completly different.
I would contact Dell in the first instance.

  [DELETED] 12:57 24 Jun 2006

Josho™ perhaps it is the adaptor but you cannot be certain.
bennash if you have access to a multimeter or know someone who has one you could plug it in and see if theres any power coming out of it. If there isn't then its the adaptor, if there is power coming out then its something inside the laptop and it would have to go back to Dell.

  [DELETED] 13:11 24 Jun 2006

True. I think it is the adaptor but, the only other thing I can think of is the PSU.

  [DELETED] 13:13 24 Jun 2006

bennash get someone to check it. I could come up with all sorts of possabilities but they would merely be guesses. If you can someone to check if the adaptor is supplying power then you would at least know.

  spuds 13:55 24 Jun 2006

Take the adapter to a Maplin's store, if you have one reasonably local. They will test it for you, and possibly have a cheaper than Dell replacement if required. This could also apply to an similar electrical/electronic/computer shop who as testing and sales facility.Saves wasting time and money in the long term.

  [DELETED] 14:04 24 Jun 2006

Good advice from spuds there, if there is an electrical store near you that you have used in the past, ie that would know you, then most will look at the adaptor at no charge. If you have a friend who is a mechanic he also may have a multimeter, or perhaps you know someone else. Its a simple test it literaly takes 30 seconds you're only asking someone to check if theres power coming out.
If the computer is over a year old then spuds advice about a replacement would also make a lot of sense. Dell would charge quite a bit for a replacement and if it is the adaptor that is faulty you should be able to get a replacement at a fraction of the price they charge. Of course if its less that a year old you should get a replacement from Dell for nothing.
You really would be better getting it checked first.

  beeuuem 14:11 24 Jun 2006

If it is the power unit Maplins have them on offer at the moment click here

Part no. L28AU

19V 4.74A Universal Laptop Power Supply - On Promotion £29.99

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