SANAP 19:16 12 Mar 2004

At last PC arrived and got it set up and it works. However I went for the 17" Crt ultrascan monitor and at the minute the factory settings means the screen has a gap all the way round. I know about the menu and adjusting height etc but there is still a slight bow as if the screen is slightly bent. It is MODEL M782P and I was wondering if anyone on here has the same model and could share with the best settings. I just want it to look flat like what I am using at present.


  SANAP 12:51 13 Mar 2004

I have done a bit more looking and adjusting but no joy, this monitor is not as good as the one I bought 4/5 years ago. The one I currently has 2 wires top and bottom but new on hasnt, have I requested the wrong CRT? It said ultrascan!!


  hugh-265156 13:56 13 Mar 2004

sometimes it can be a bit tricky setting up a crt screen just right.edges can be tapered slightly.most monitors have adjustments for this.

this is a handy wee tool that may help you set it up click here

  Mango Grummit 13:58 13 Mar 2004

Slightly bent -- I'm not being nasty here, honest!!

The first TFT I had appeared bent to me ... without further explanation in a public place ... Do you wear specs? Bifocal/Varifocal? When was the last time you had your eyes tested?

Until I got my problem sorted I did not know I had one ... The curved (crt) screens appeared flat to me apparently through years (since 1973) of looking at them and my eyes had adjusted...... and so on.

regards, M

  SANAP 14:37 13 Mar 2004

Thank you both and yes I do wear specs so spot on there and it is 2 years since I had them tested. The monitor I am on now is spot on ie dead flat, so I copied all the settings from the old to the new but still a slight curve!!! I am sitting on a different chair and at a slightly different height. The dot pitch is .25mm and I can't have a 19" too heavy for me, oh to be getting old. I expect I will get used to it and it may be settle in. I just wish they would keep the same setting procedurese from model to model, I can now adjust angles and curves and zoom. I will persevere and stick with a few games. I think they have changed the spec and I did not spot it. Or new glasses may cure the fault. I know I could never go back to the really old crt's it was like an eyeball to me!! And I will run that test.

Oh the wife can spot the difference as well, screen on new mon curves out top to bottom and old curves in top to bottom. She has better eyesight than me as I can only see it is not flat!!

I'd say it is a different spec but the chances of me finding the deatail on the mon are slim. I will just have to loads of games on the new one to get adjusted.

Thanks again.


  Stuartli 15:02 13 Mar 2004

The two wires you see on your current monitor appear to indicate that the tube is a Sony Trinitron or Mitsubishi Diamondtron (made under licence from Sony).

The new one appears to be a conventional CRT monitor:

click here or similar

so, depending at which angle you view it, there will appear to be slight misalignment on the screen. However, it is an illusion caused by the tube's front curvature.

Dell monitors are made by various manufacturers and rebadged, so it might be worth finding out who makes this particular model.

My own iiyama S702GT takes about 10-15 minutes to warm up properly and, until then, a narrow gap on the right hand side graully fills up; only then can you adjust the settings for maximum benefit.

My son has the same model and he has the same initial gap when switched on...

  Stuartli 15:04 13 Mar 2004

Here's some more conventional Dell monitors:

click here

  Stuartli 15:13 13 Mar 2004

If you need a manual for the 782:

click here

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