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  fitcher 13:44 26 Dec 2004

I ordered a dell on the twentieth of december and on the order it said they would send me confirmation by e mail..and an order no within 72 hrs ..up to now I have only had an ir no,,and no 72hr confirmation of order .being christmas one can expect delays . Now when I look on the dell site the laptop has been reduced by over £100 ,,I am chocked so it goes happy new year all

  Technotiger 14:02 26 Dec 2004

Hi, don't be too choked - Dell is great in my limited experience. I fairly recently ordered a complete Dell System for a friend on-line using my computer - the Full system was delivered on the morning of the following day, totally complete and ready to run with ALL software on all original CD's. My friend and I live on the South Coast. Happy New Year.

  Carl @ UD 14:04 26 Dec 2004

If you have not recieved a confirmation you are entitled to cancel and reorder !

  spuds 16:28 26 Dec 2004

fitcher--Have you checked via Dell's 'Your Order Status' using the search option 2 with the IR number. This could give you some information on the order status. If nothing is showing, then cancel the order and then re-order at the new price. Be a little cautious though, as Dell may invoice you twice if you have given credit card details, whilst the admin system sorts itself out.

I would also suggest, that you check the specifications and all charges for both machines, so as to make sure that you have the same machine. Dell send me regular newsletters, and their prices and offers for the same model can differ quite significantly.

  fitcher 18:58 26 Dec 2004

yes they have sent me a ir e mail, sent by a automaticaly generated e mail .on the day I ordered on line now is the christmas period, everyone is on holiday .I must give them time .yes ,I should have waited untill after the xmas period to order .I know everything will be ok .I will be quite happy with the system ,so thanks for the replies .it is to be expected that reductions and offers are in january ,I accept it ,,cheers will close subject,

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