Dell or Sony?

  hawthorn59 03:27 16 Dec 2008

I am in the lucky position of being able to treat myself to a new laptop (cousin buying my old one) and Id like your opinion on these two.
They're just entry level, I wont be playing the latest games on them but they'll do what I want.

Dell Inspiron 1525 or

Sony Vaio ns10l-s

The dell is about €30 dearer so not much in the price. Ive read a lot of reviews of the Dell, and while most were good, quite a few were really bad (keys falling off, really slow with vista, etc) And worryingly a good few reviews said the fan was noisy. But then the good reviews were really good!

Couldnt find too many reviews of the Sony, just 2. Both seemed pleased with it. I think the Dell has more features but thats not everything.

Sony :- 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T3200, 3GB DDR2, 250GB, DVD±RW DL, Windows Vista Home Premium, 15.4

Dell :- heres PC Advisor review click here

The one Im thinking of has 2GHz Core 2 Duo, and 3 gig ram, 160 gig hard disk.

Any opinions?

thanks folks


  MCE2K5 04:00 16 Dec 2008

Got 2 of em.

A Laptop & a Desktop, No problems whatsoever.

Desktop 6 Years old, And still truckin'

Laptop 3 Years old, Couldn't manage without it, Especially when my Back is playing up (2 Slipped Discs).

  The Old Mod 06:41 16 Dec 2008

Sony, I have one with no probs, still going well, have had it now for five years.

  skeletal 09:44 16 Dec 2008

To balance things up (and make life harder!): Dell. I’ve had one of their laptops for three years with no problems apart from the battery not keeping its charge so well these days, but this is typical of all laptops dependant on use.

My son has had a similar model for over two years with no problems.


  rawprawn 10:03 16 Dec 2008

I have had both Sony and Dell, no problems with either. However I prefer the Sony.

  Clapton is God 10:38 16 Dec 2008

Who are Sony??

They make TVs don't they??

  ^wave^ 12:01 16 Dec 2008

i have a dell that travels in the boot of the car day in day out never failed must be 5 years old now

  oldbeefer2 12:40 16 Dec 2008

Inspiron 1525. You can hear it whir when it cuts in to a high speed, but it doesn't do it often or for long, and I don't consider it to be intrusive. No problem with speed on Vista. I don't think the touchpad works well, but i prefer a mini-mouse anyway. Paid £350 from Tesco a few months ago and consider it good value for money. Only problems have been following a MS update and don't think I can blame Dell for that.

  hawthorn59 23:21 16 Dec 2008

Thanks everyone.

I had a good look at the Dell today in Currys, it looks really nice I have to say. Also they're selling it for €599, the red one (come on United...!)

Online to configure it to that appears to be €629 and another €29 for the red so €658. Only thing is if I was annoyed with the fan there's no problem just returning it within 15 days or so online, whereas in the shop it would have to be faulty, they tell me. Can you say a noisy fan is faulty...?

Also in Currys the guy was trying to sell me a DELL 17" instead, with numeric pad. Looked nice but just 2 gig ram. Think it was the 1737 (???). Was cheaper at €549. He said he preferred it to the 1525.

And then of course theres still the Sony...

Decisions, decisions!

thanks all


  MCE2K5 01:15 17 Dec 2008

The fan on mine is whisper quiet. Even full blast I can still hear music played on setting 5 of 20.

  GaT7 01:40 17 Dec 2008

I think the newer Dell Studio 15 laptops are better than the 1525 models.

What kind of spec were you getting for £658* may I ask? Do you have a link?

Would you prefer a 17" screen if the price/spec was right? G

* You do mean £ (pounds), not € (euros) right? If £, then £658 should be getting you more than just an 'entry-level' laptop. I've seen good 17" ones with 4Gb RAM & a Blu-Ray drive for that kind of money.

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