Dell or PC World

  Kaacee 11:39 01 Jan 2007

I am looking to buy a laptop for my daughter to use at college, both Dell and PC World have suitable models that by and large would serve the need ...Dell Inspiron 1510..PCW Compaq C310..both are within my price range....can anyone suggest or recommend which one to buy?

Thank you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:58 01 Jan 2007

Both are good value. If you want it immediately go to PCW but don't accept their offers of extended warranty, half price security programmes, laptop bag or surge protector. Ask here and you will get all the AV/firewall/spyware stoppers for free, laptop bags can be bought for £12 in the sales. If you don't mind waiting 4-9 days then the Dell is a good buy and I must admit I prefer it slightly.


  naineysman 12:26 01 Jan 2007

Bought 5 dell products in 2 years for various family, etc, 2 laptops 3 desktops and i would not go anywhere else. If you do it over the telephone you will get the same push for add ons as pcw. not worth it.


  malgall 12:45 01 Jan 2007

i am also looking and dell seems the better deal
as well as you can customise and have the exact
one you want

  Kaacee 13:30 01 Jan 2007

Thanks guys...Dell it is then.......

  jrb1946 14:18 01 Jan 2007

I have not looked at the detail of what you propose to buy but like I the others I would buy Dell and not PCWorld everytime. Every one I have come across who has bought PCWorld has had problems most particularly at the support end. Once it's out the shop they don't care.

More important is your choice of spec. I bought two laptops for both my daughters some years ago (just after XP was alunched)and they are still using them with vigour. The key was to buy the highest spec processor - because you cannot usually upgrade a processor in a laptop once you've got it, but you can upgrade the HDD and add in more RAM memory later. So my advice is go for the top spec on offer for the processor, pay for that by not having the (costly) support package and then add in memory until your budget runs out. If she needs a bigger hard disk that can be sorted later either by rubbing out all the old music files and unnecessarily stored stuff or by buying a larger HDD and selling the old one.
Hope that helps. John

  Mad Mick 23:24 01 Jan 2007

I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 and it is excellent except that the the screen has now got four vertical lines, each the width of a cotton thread.

  ForestChav 00:39 02 Jan 2007

"Every one I have come across who has bought PCWorld has had problems most particularly at the support end. Once it's out the shop they don't care."

Maybe if people took the effort to understand how a PC worked, and were not so patronising to support staff, then this would not be a problem.

  gel 07:06 02 Jan 2007

I have a desk top and 6 months ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 1300.
I am delighted with the Dell. Very reliable cheap easy to use.
Watch the Dell adverts on line Their offers change almost daily.
I had q-uick delivery bought mine on line but you may get a better deal by a phone call

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