Dell Optiplex GX1

  Young Ranger 13:54 26 Aug 2004

This probably sounds like a silly question but does anyone know how to take the case off this model of PC. There dosen't appear to be any of the usual screws. It apears to be clipped on but I can't work out how to get it off.

  Smegs 14:06 26 Aug 2004

I think we need some more info. Just done a search, and it's coming up with a Dest Top and a Tower.

If it's anything like our Dimension, which is a Tower, I have to lay it on it's side, then there are two bottons, one on the top of the case and the other is on the bottom. Press them at the same time, and pull up. You can not actually take the case off.

  geeza 14:07 26 Aug 2004

there are two buttons on the side of the case push them in and lift off the case from the back towards the front

  Young Ranger 14:26 26 Aug 2004

Thanks for the info. I will have another go tommorrow when I go into work and report back.


  Young Ranger 15:04 27 Aug 2004

Easy when you know how isn't it.

I quite liked just having to press buttons to take the cover off. More PC covers should be like that.

Thanks again


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