Dell-no satisfaction

  Ms.C 20:32 06 Sep 2004

My new Inspiron laptop was delivered on the 18th August, only a few days after I ordered it online from Dell. Great I thought, prompt service.
More than two weeks later, after many 'phone calls and e-mails to Dell, still no-one has 'phoned me back as promised to arrange a date for them to carry out the basic system set-up for which I have already paid.
(I want the laptop to connect wirelessly to my existing PC and as I've heard this can prove problematic I thought I'd "get the experts in").
Can anyone advise me on my next course of action to get a positive response from Dell??

  pcgal 20:34 06 Sep 2004

Is it centrino?

  terminus 20:37 06 Sep 2004

I'm the only one not eating supper; and you've got the wrong forum, go to Consumer Watch, and most will advise.

  Ms.C 22:31 06 Sep 2004

Thank you terminus for showing me the error of my ways.....will take your advice.
No, pcgal, it's the pentium 4 processor. Fingers crossed.

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