Dell mobo

  egapup 10:53 30 Dec 2006

My son gave me his old Dell optiplex gx260 tower computer, it's got a 2.80 ghz pentium4, 1.5 mb of memory and I fitted a GeForce 6200 8x AGP graphics card, the problem is i think the mobo's AGP slot is only 4x, would the card work in a slower slot? and have I got to use Dell motherboards if i decide to upgrade. Thanks.

  AndySD 12:44 30 Dec 2006

First the graphics card will be fine in the 4x slot (there is not a lot of speed difference between 4x and 8x)

If you wish to upgrade you dont need to use the dell motherboards but you will need to upgrade the power suply unit (PSU)

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