Dell Mini 9 Vodafone

  redwaz 09:36 27 Nov 2008

Have purchased a Dell Mini Netbook to update on the move, but it isnt very good at uploading my files via Dreamweaver, has anybody else had problems?

the site comes out in a page of gobbledegook?

  Forum Editor 17:52 28 Nov 2008

from Dreamweaver there's no reason why it shouldn't work - the computer itself can't affect the code that goes up to the server.

What happens when you preview the site in your browser on the Netbook - does it look OK then?

  Kate B 00:21 29 Nov 2008

Are you using the onboard Vodafone sim card to connect to the web? If so, that depends on your mobile signal, plus you're going to get pitiful upload speeds with that. If you can, use a Wi-Fi hotspot to upload. I don't know if the slow upload will be causing the problems you're having, but I bet it won't be helping.

  redwaz 20:03 29 Nov 2008

Yes I am using the onboard Vodafone Sim, I think this is the problem aswell. Sometimes it works then others it mucks thepage up, have been sitting under the mast?! to get a good signal and it still doesnt work.

Like you said have to find a hotspot and upload there.

Thanks for that anyway.

One little thing, about the netbook, sent the first one back because the battery wouldnt charge, this one if you press the one button it freezes so you have to ctr-alt-del cross off then its fine, strange.

cheers again

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