Dell makes me cry....

  spex75 17:35 07 Aug 2008

.....I'm trying to reinstall Win XP MC onto a Dell Dimension 9150, but whenever I get to the setup screen the computer goes in a huff and tells me that it couldn't detect the hard drive.

I carried out diagnostics on the HDD and it showed up fine, but Win installation still not recognising it. Tried another HDD, still not recognising it.

I think I'm missing something here along the lines of Dell not allowing me to do a normal reinstall.....any ideas please????


  Ditch999 17:51 07 Aug 2008

SATA driver at first screen when installing OS? F6 to install SCSI/RAID driver from floppy

  spex75 17:54 07 Aug 2008

Its quite a new computer.....surely it shouldn't need drivers to install from HDD??? (This will be why I dislike Dell!)

Will I be able to get the drivers for this from Dell website and <deep breath> will an external floppy load it up ok?

Many thanks :)

  MAJ 18:02 07 Aug 2008

Are you using a Dell recovery CD/DVD or are you using an XP CD, spex75? If the former then the drivers will be on the recovery CD/DVD and you wont need to install them separately, if the latter then yes you'll need the drivers from Dell's website.

  lotvic 00:22 08 Aug 2008

Why not use the 'Ctrl+F11' key at the Dell logo at start up? This will allow you to format C:\ and put the whole thing back to 'factory fresh' condition. Then you won't need to find or load any drivers and you won't wipe the partitions that contain the Diagnostics and the PC Restore Image (you will lose these if you format and reinstall using the CD's)
It only take a few minutes to restore to factory fresh.

""Dell™ PC Restore by Symantec™ (for Microsoft® Windows® XP) and Dell Factory Image Restore (for Microsoft® Windows Vista®) exist on a hidden partition on your hard drive that contains an exact copy of your computer's original setup. These programs allow you to reset your computer's operating system and software to the original state in which it was shipped to you from Dell.""

Dell Support (UK) home page click here
Click on 'Technical Support' on the left menu and select your model or enter your service tag
there is a 'walk through' on subject 'How Do I Use the Dell PC Restore by Symantec Utility'

Or even simpler it's in the 9150 owner's manual (pdf) page 61 available from click here

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