Dell Lattitude and Nero Incd

  Arnie 21:01 01 Apr 2003

I work for a large multi billion pound national food retailer you wouldn't beleive our IT department can't fix this problem!.

We as a department have upgraded our Dell's to brand new Lattitudes with CD writers 2 of them. Both came with NT4 SP5 and Nero installed by our IT guys.

Upon looking in Exlorer we noticed that there where 2 CD drives an E and a F. the F drive was the writer and the E was redundant, OK i could live with an F drive. We then downloaded and installed Incd as i like to do a quick save as and drag and drop sometimes....this is when the F drive has gone and all we are left with is the redundant E drive. Now the weird bit, we as users can see the F drive in Nero's own file explorer window but not in NT's explorer so we can't save as or drag and drop. I can do i through Nero though and can format a CDRW

If I sign on as admin (one of the IT guys gave us the password....doh !)I can see the F drive in explorer so it is a setting in the user config somewhere that is stopping it ? I have a felling it may be an aspi driver or something to do with the atapi. The reason I say this is that in control panel you have a scsi devices icon and the aspi and atapi are started by the system when logged on as admin but when logged as a user the aspi and atapi are not loaded. If so how do I get the aspi and atapi to start when logged on as a user ?

Thanks all


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