Dell Latop Inspiron 1300

  belcanto 16:02 28 Oct 2008

Hello-I hope that someone out there in cyber space can help. A freind at work has a three year old Dell Latop Inspiron 1300. It uses XP home Edition and just recently has stopped booting up properly.

The screen comes on in terms of the dell logo, then a screen says that "We appoligise for the inconvenicance but Windows did not start sucessfully. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this". it then gives various options such as safe mode, etc.

The hard drive light comes on when I try one of the options but no actual further booting. Anyone got any ideas please..PC world want to charge £150 just to look at it.

She did mention that when she was offered the option of upgrading Norton she didnt take it. But I cant believe that has anything major to do with it can it? I was wondering if this was a sign of the hard drive packing up..what doe anyone else think?

  birdface 16:55 28 Oct 2008

I presume she tried in safe mode and got the same problem.

  sidecar sid 18:13 28 Oct 2008

You may have the option to restore your Laptop
to factory settings.
To access the factory restore option quickly press
ctrl + F11 at boot up when you see the Dell logo.
You have to be quick so you may have to try more than once.
The downside is that you will loose all your personal data,and any software you installed
will have to be reinstalled.

  belcanto 19:32 28 Oct 2008

Hi there to you both thanks for the advice, I did try booting into safe mode buteman. All that happened is that the drivers seemed to load up but nothing else happened. Also sidecar sid, I dont want to go down the factory settings yet as i cant access her data to make copies.

Anyother usggestions will be more than welcome


  Sea Urchin 00:37 29 Oct 2008

"All that happened is that the drivers seemed to load up but nothing else happened"

Did you wait after this for a minute or two - it can take a few moments to start up in safe mode

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