Dell Latitude CPi Lappy and PCMCIA Slot ID type

  Giggle n' Bits 22:15 17 Aug 2003

My Brothers Old ish laptop needs a new PCMCIA Modem, I/we have been looking on the web and found the PCMCIA Modem but it states:-

Compatible with PCMCIA Slot type II & III thing is how do you know if it is this II Or III slot type.

My self not a laptop person is there anyone who happens to know about the PCMCIA Cards.

Also is memory upgrades for Laptops in the form of PCMCIA card or are they different.

Modem more important.

  Forum Editor 22:26 17 Aug 2003

denote that the slot will accept different card thicknesses:-

1.A Type I slot can hold one Type I card (which is up to 3.3mm thick). This slot size is normally used for RAM or ROM cards.

2. A Type II slot can hold one Type II card or one Type I card (which is up to 5.5mm thick).

3. A Type III slot can hold one Type III card (which is up to 10.5mm thick) or any combination of two Type I or II cards.

The modem you've seen will almost certainly be a slot II size, so will fit both a type II and a type III slot.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:31 18 Aug 2003

Yes get it now. Well explained, U must be a Laptop user.

There are 2 slots both same size with a width the same. I have a feeling the Modem Driver may be corrupt as I have noticed it to be a Lucent Venus 56K and the driver was as Standard modem, think he has been messing around.

Thank you for your call F.E ! appreciated.


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