Dell Latitude 10 ST2 Tablet Problem

  The Paul 16:54 02 Nov 2014

Hi, I have bought a Latitude 10 tablet. Its 2nd hand but in great shape and runs well. Ive got it now running W8.1 upgrade fine.

Overall I'd very happy with it but it is how very slow browsing the web is. It is like the old days with a modem. At home I have a 6-7mb broadband connection but a few days ago I had a 50mb fibre optic connection and it wouldnt open some webpages or it would take 2-3 minutes or more to open a page. Forget trying to watch a YouTube video. It wouldnt load it.

I have tried using IE and Firefox. Ive disabled add-ons etc.

Any help would be most welcome. Thanks. Paul

  rdave13 18:01 02 Nov 2014

This site shows it has 2 gig of ram. Should be enough to browse with. Have you tried running Ccleaner? Ccleaner link.

Running in default mode it will remove your passwords and history.

  SparkyJack 09:36 03 Nov 2014

Could this be the tablet hardware?

I have Infinity 38gb on computers both LAN and wireless it fairly speeds along

On the Android Jellybean the general web is OK but not sparkling and webmail can on initial connection came 30 seconds or so before the 'You have mail' chime.

  The Paul 18:46 03 Nov 2014

Hi rdave 13, I use CCleaner minimum of twice a week.

SparkyJack Im not a techie but I believe it must be as the ram is good enough and the processor is grand. The tablet performs all its other functions great

  rdave13 18:50 03 Nov 2014

Check the cpu usage when you're browsing.

  The Paul 19:22 03 Nov 2014

CPU peaks at 100% but only briefly. WMI Provider Host seems to take greatest share of CPU usage but Firefox is using circa 250mb of ram

  rdave13 20:12 03 Nov 2014

It will be some program using it. Check you haven't got Conduit search installed, click here.

  SparkyJack 20:24 03 Nov 2014

Check where you use he device in relation to the router,move around the house to see if there is any change in performance.

Although you have moved to fibre the ,speed is still an 'up to' figure, all systems/ISP's are governed by thevloading on the network hence no utube download failure was likely caused by lack of bandwidth.

The only way around that and perhaps the other issues is to stay up late/getup early to 'play' when the network is quiet

  The Paul 20:43 03 Nov 2014

rdave 13 Conduit not found.

SparkyJack the fibre optic was while visiting my son. My laptop is whizzing through the web while the tablet stumbles. While the laptop has a bit more grunt the difference is very marked

  SparkyJack 08:28 04 Nov 2014

That bares out mybinital/suggestion and my subsequent remarks .

The device is not as capable,as bigger morebpowerful 'full size computers',

This likely to be the case with most if not all mobile devices.

  The Paul 08:48 04 Nov 2014

Thanks SparkyJack - as I said Im no techie so you'll have to take baby steps with me. The processor is an Intel Atom 1800MHz thing and I have a 1600MHz laptop, which is s standby only unit, that whizzes through the web. The Dell works on XL sheets and Word docs quite quickly so I had assumed that it could compute fast enough. But, not on the web. I use Outlook on the Dell and have a very full Inbox with Gb's worth of stuff in there and it whips through it.

So, do you think that the processor isnt up to it, or is it the RAM or what? Is there anything I can do. I use the web a lot for work to get material prices and so on.

Thanks to you both for your input by the way.

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