Dell Laptop won't boot normally

  stavedio 11:13 23 Dec 2016

Good evening

Recently I've been facing this rather odd problem with my laptop computer. If it's shut down it won't start up! I keep pressing the power button again and again and nothing happens (the laptop doesn't even attempt to power up, there is nothing on the screen and it does not make any sound, it's like I never pressed the power button). However, listen to this! If I attempt to remove the AC cord as well as the battery and then press the power button for like 10-20 seconds straight (I'm assuming this helps with the static discharge...?) it boots just fine and there is no strange behavior after that, everything runs smoothly!

Additional Info #1: At some point I remember that, during the startup, my computer gave me a three-beep-sound (If I recall correctly this is a warning for a motherboard malfunction).

Additional Info #2: I travel a lot and I notice lot's of strange incidents after my trips and in fact I won't be surprised if the laptop get damaged physically damaged during my trips.

Thank you for your attention

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