Dell laptop screen problem

  gurdevb 21:56 20 May 2010

Hi I'm a newbie here and need some help desparately. I managed to get myself a Dell Precision M65 laptop which had a cracked screen (Samsung LTN154u2-L03 15.4 WUXGA). I'm finding it really difficult to source this at a reasonable cost so bought one off ebay which is a Samsung LTN154U2-L07 15.4 WUXGA. The specs are the same. I've installed it but when I start the laptop, the screen is on but doesn't display anything - I get a blank screen and dont see the usual Windows XP professional flashy stuff. However, all of a sudden (after the initial Wndows stuff) the screen begins to display when it asks me to log on to the network (CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Anyone know whats going on? Its really frustrating me because essentially the screen does work but just not at the start up phase. If I put the cracked screen back in, its all fine!


  VOT Productions 21:59 20 May 2010

Try to attach an external monitor using VGA/DVI or HDMI.

Don't buy a laptop with an cracked screen, they are very hard to replace.

  gurdevb 22:09 20 May 2010

I have attached a std external monitor with a std monitor cable and using (Fn+f8 to toggle to the monitor) can see the Windows startup flashy stuff and the login screen on the external screen. However, lets say I press F2 to get into the bios settings, the external monitor fails to display it.

This is a really straightforward job and I cant understand what could be happening :-(

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