Dell Laptop Partition Help

  SURVEY 14:44 29 Dec 2007

I have just taken delivery of a new Dell laptop. This has a 160GB hard drive. It appears that this has been partitioned and I did expect that Dell would reserve a partition for Recovery purposes. However, can anyone explain the following:

Looking at ‘My Computer’ the breakdown of the hard drive is: Dell 329KB; MediaDirect 93.6MB.

When I go to Acronis True Image to create a backup I note that the screen says: Disk 1 (only one shown which is fair enough) with a split as follows:

NFTS (C:) Capacity 143.4 Free Space 131.5GB
FAT16 Capacity 117.6MB Free Space 109.2MB FAT 16 Partition
MEDIADIRECT Capacity 2.497GB Free Space 1.78GB FAT 32 Partition
FAT32 Capacity 3.003GB Free Space 652MB FAT 32 Partition

Why have I got a FAT16 Partition and a FAT32 Partition as well as a main NFTS Partition. Why also do I have a MEDIADIRECT Partition?

  CatTrading 14:55 29 Dec 2007

Could be a hidden partition.
Dell sometimes do this as a recovery tool in case of problems.

  SURVEY 15:00 29 Dec 2007

But is this one,two three or four partitions? And what is the MediaDirect partition?

  skidzy 15:42 29 Dec 2007

Hi Survey

1) The media direct partition is so you can play dvd's outside of windows,basically windows does not need to load to watch a dvd.

2) Dell's recovery partition will be the FAT32 3GB

3)The FAT16..i have no idea,unless this is preinstalled software and cannot be removed unless the partition is removed.

  SURVEY 15:45 29 Dec 2007

skidzy - thanks for your response. Just found out about the MediaDirect partition - just as you state. I shall ask Dell about the FAT16 partition.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:54 29 Dec 2007

The FAT16 partition acts like a Floppy drive, activated whn you press the appropriate F key (F10 / F11) during boot to start the recovery process.

Its the equivalent of an Acronis rescue CD.

the programs on the Fat16 partition then format the drive format and activate the ghost image on the FAT32 partition to return the drive to its factory setting.

  SURVEY 16:09 29 Dec 2007

Fruit Bat - Crikey! What a complicated system then! Thanks for this. Just tried to email Dell to ask this question but I am prompted for my Service Tag which is constantly rejected; then phone line is not available of a weekend!! Great eh!

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