Dell Laptop - no HD installed

  swapper 14:04 21 Jan 2008

Dell Latitude cpx H500Gt
Pentium 111 - 500Mhz

My granddaughter asked me to fix her Laptop (what do I know??).

When I switched it on I saw -
F1 to retry boot,
F2 for Setup Utility.

In Utility I saw no HD installed.

She bought this laptop 2nd hand, with no supporting disks, it was working fine. Then she turned it on there was nothing.

Is there anything at all that I can do for her?


  Clapton is God 14:08 21 Jan 2008

"it was working fine. Then she turned it on there was nothing"

This is contradictory.

Has it ever been "working fine" whilst in the possession of your granddaughter?

  lotvic 14:20 21 Jan 2008

did it have a hard drive in when she bought it?

  swapper 14:36 21 Jan 2008

Clapton is God, lotvic,
I'm sorry, I made a complete mess of that.

<Has it ever been "working fine" whilst in the possession of your granddaughter?
Yes, it did have a HD when she bought it and she has had it for some while, it has been fine, but she turned it on one day and got that message. F1 -F2

  xania 15:23 21 Jan 2008

Possible that HDD has just died. Has the laptop been dropped recently?

  badgermansix 17:15 21 Jan 2008

No, it has been looked after.

  lotvic 17:17 21 Jan 2008

1. What happens if you press the keys Ctrl and F11 on start up (to bring up the menu to restore to Factory Fresh settings from the hidden partition)

2. Can you take the HDD out and try another one in laptop? (then you will know if it is just the HDD that has 'died')

3. also you could try hooking up the HDD (as slave) to another pc to check it

  lotvic 17:28 21 Jan 2008

Dell Latitude cpx H500Gt manual click here

  DrScott 19:01 21 Jan 2008

has clearly died - they can do that after a few years. You need to remove the HDD if you want to salvage any data, or you might get lucky with a ISO image of Knoppix.

  swapper 18:09 22 Jan 2008

Thanks for everyone's advice.
As I said at the beginning, "what do I know about laptops".
After removing about 10 minute screws from the bottom of the case, and spending about 20mins trying to get into it, which I did,
I found a covered slot on the outside of the case, secured by another tiny screw.
On investigation, I removed the cover and found that the HD could be slid out from the machine.
It did not appear to be seated correctly, so after a little guesswork, persuasion, and pressure, I tried the machine again and "Bingo"
its working fine.
I am now the favourite grandad! all I have to do now is find out where the tiny screw goes that I have left over!
Thanks again.

  lotvic 19:36 22 Jan 2008

It's all in the manual - with pictures
see my post Mon, 21/01/[email protected]:28 for link

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