Dell laptop LCD or charging problem

  Jasmine A Rodriguez Del Rio 15:14 13 Nov 2018

*laptop: Dell Inspiron 15/ 5000series/5552 model.*


So, Weeks ago my laptop keyboard started locking or just not functioning but it went back to normal after restarting the laptop. Few days later, I was using it while charging and suddenly shuts off. When I tried turning it on it did not start. I plug the adapter but the LED did not stay on but sometime it blinks, like it does not recognize the adapter or the battery is extremely discharged. So, I thought maybe the adapter its damaged and I tried plugging it in another laptop, and it charged just fine. Keyboard do not work at all, I had to plug in an external keyboard. --THINGS I HAVE TRIED: 1. Removing the battery and starting the laptop plugged in. Results: No LED light until turning on, it makes a sound of shutting down but the led its on and the fan works, then its beeps 2 times and shuts off completely. Same thing but pressing the start button 20 seconds or more. It shuts off and on simultaneously. I tried diagnostic and its says that is has detected a failing component and it shows (LCD panel-Unable to modify brightness). **Dell website shows this : The diagnostics indicate that you may be experiencing an issue with the LCD. --Try to Adjust the LCD Brightness hold the Fn Key and repeatedly Press the Up Arrow to increase the brightness or while holding the Fn Key and Repeatedly Press the Down Arrow to decrease the brightness. --Boot to the BIOS and see if brightness can be adjusted. --If the issue remains in BIOS too, update BIOS. --Restart your computer and rerun the PSA diagnostics. but I cannot perform none of those suggestions because the external keyboard does not have Fn key, I do not see the adjust brightness on the BIOS and I do not find the update BIOS option. Tried plugging in the laptop for a while just in case its just the LED light or something related but did not charged. ((((Screen displays or beeps))): Sometimes stays on DELL logo, sometimes shows Red,blue,green,white and black colors continuously, sometimes it beeps 7 time with 4 sec lapse, and sometimes it shuts off and on repeatedly with battery on. Help please!

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