dell laptop formated harddrive

  wooster007 17:39 05 May 2006

Hi can any of you helpful people help me out with this mess
I recently formated my dell laptop which was running windows 98, hoping just to reinstall everything back with no problems but.....
now my laptop wont reconignise my external cd rom drive i have a usb cd rom and a pcmcia ide
my specs are dell 400mhz processor 6 gig harddrive and i think its got 128 memory not sure

i have no floppy drive at all
any ideas how to reinstall o.s

please help!!!

  wooster007 17:49 05 May 2006

any ideas why it wont recognise external usb cd rom

  Tabvla 18:04 05 May 2006

Don't know if this is relevant but I will try....

As you were running W98 I am making an assumption that the laptop is more than 5 years old. On laptops from that period, Dell had a very small, hidden partition that contained code that was critical for the system to boot and recognise the environment and periferals.

If you reformatted the disk you might have deleted this partition and that might be the reason why nothing is being recognised.

Solution? You would need a Dell expert to tell you how to fix this. I simply don't know if it would be worth it.

  wooster007 18:12 05 May 2006

is there no way i could connect the harddrive to my pc and install an operating system that way???

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:04 05 May 2006

is there no way i could connect the harddrive to my pc and install an operating system that way???

Yes you could but XP will install the drivers for the mother board of the PC you install on NOT the Dell drivers.

try it but remove the drivers as per
Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

before fitting to dell machine

  wooster007 19:14 05 May 2006

no could i take the harddrive out of the laptop and connect the harddrive from my laptop to my pc and install windows 98?????

i am running xp on my pc though

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 05 May 2006

Windows 98 will do the same.

  Jackcoms 19:29 05 May 2006

Duplicate thread click here

  Terry Brown 19:50 05 May 2006

Just a thought- A quick searck on EBay gives alot of possibilities click here=

Good Luck

  wooster007 10:20 06 May 2006

thanks to every one who have posted but still no luck

  Kalb 11:02 06 May 2006

How did you manage to format your laptop initially ?
Did you use the instruction Format C: /s to ensure that all system files are retained.If you did a straight format they will have been lost.
What about the Dell website, find your model and search FAQ's.

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