Dell laptop charger not working

  J Cricket 10:31 19 Nov 2008

Hi everyone, my brother has a problem with his three-year-old Dell laptop and has asked me for some advice. I haven't actually seen this laptop - I live in London, he lives in Scotland - but this is the gist of it from what I understand.

First of all he accidentally dropped his laptop with the power charger plugged in. Soon after that his battery seemed to stop working - he bought a replacement battery assuming that it had died because the laptop wouldn't turn on at all.

On installing the new battery, the laptop turns on but with the new batteries small (supplied) charge - so I know there are no problems with the laptop recognising the battery. The battery charger also seems to work on another Dell laptop, and the green LED turns on when it is plugged into the mains. However, as soon as the charger is then plugged into the laptop the LED goes out and it refuses to charge. He has tried his friends working charger and it does exactly the same thing.

My theory is that there was never anything wrong with the original battery, but that on dropping it with the cord in he has damaged the DC power jack and it is now unable to accept any power.

Am I on the right lines do you think or am I missing something obvious? Also, if it is the power jack, does anyone have any idea how much it would roughly cost to get it replaced at a PC shop?

It is no longer under warranty.

Thanks very much for your help in advance!

  FreeCell 11:56 19 Nov 2008

I'd agree from what you describe that it sounds like a DC input socket on the laptop that is broken.

Repair is possible but means dismantling the laptop. For rough cost of repair click here

(Never used this outfit but costs presumably are in line with what others charge)

  J Cricket 12:09 19 Nov 2008

Thanks very much for your advice FreeCell, I'll have a look at the site.

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