Dell laptop and belkin router

  [DELETED] 18:22 15 Apr 2006

Been using Bt Internet on a desktop for a year with no problems. Have now aquired a laptop, wireless card and Belkin 3G router. Problem is the instructions seem useless! I've got to the router setup and entered all my BT login details. This goes fine. When I then try to go online I can't connect. Should I be doing something on my laptop also ie load the BT Broadband CD? Any advice will be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 19:12 15 Apr 2006

1. Connected the router to the ADSL microfilter.

2. Connected a computer (any computer) to the router via the (supplied) ethernet cable.

3. Stepped through the router's set-up procedure, entering your ISP login details.

4. Watched the router make the connection to your ISP - until you have all the right lights lit and steady.

5. Run the wireless adapter software on the laptop BEFORE plugging in any adapter (not necessary if it has WiFi built in), and checked to see that the PC's wireless adapter is recognised and working (some PCI models have a little green light on them).

6. Turned on the laptop's WiFi (if it's built in).

Have you done all that?

  [DELETED] 15:41 07 May 2006

After waiting 20 minutes on the phone got through to Belkin. I needed to download some firmware off their website. Shame the god damn instructions didn't advise of this! Cheers anyway.

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