Dell Laptop Battery Replacement Recommendation

  SURVEY 14:40 16 Aug 2014

I need a replacement battery for my Dell laptop. The one is JWPHF 56Wh. Can anyone recommend who to obtain this from? There are so many companies offering batteries and many feedback reports are dire, with poor service or teh batteries giving up after a short time. Or is the advice to buy form Dell, which is hugely expensive?

  The Kestrel 15:11 16 Aug 2014

Be careful, many of the companies selling laptop batteries online ship them from China despite having a UK address. Delivery time is often quite long and there could well be problems if there is the need to return the goods.

  bumpkin 16:32 16 Aug 2014

Can only speak from my own experiences and cheapos are pot luck, you may get a good one or a load of crap that you have to send back and the Royal Mail wont carry it so you have to use a courier at your expense. Last one I bought for a Toshiba lasted 4mnths and not worth the time, hassle and expense of returning it. Old laptop that does not justify the expense of a genuine one so just run it on mains on the rare ocassion I use it. If you have a decent laptop I would suggest the Dell battery but it is up to you to assess the situation for your particular requirements.

  SURVEY 09:22 18 Aug 2014

Thanks Bumpkin. I fear that you may be right. There are some horror stories out there. Mark you the price of a Dell battery is a real rip-off!

  john bunyan 09:34 18 Aug 2014

I have used a company called online laptop batteries, and they have been OK for a battery and 2 keyboards.. Posting a link does not work as this (PCA) site thinks it is spam! The guy who runs it seems knowledgeable on the phone.

  SURVEY 11:31 18 Aug 2014

Thanks john bunyan - unfortunately they do not list a battery for my Dell XPS

  john bunyan 12:39 18 Aug 2014

Amazon list them, as you probably know.

Dell - Amazon

  SURVEY 09:36 22 Aug 2014

Eventually bought a 90W/hr replacement marked on the Amazon website as 'Genuine Replacement'from Gemstar. Considerably cheaper than the extortionate price of a battery from Dell. Delivered promptly and worried when it charged very quickly. However after charging fully, screen icon reported 8 hours battery time. So far it does seem to be long lasting. Only time will tell if it lasts.

  alanrwood 09:44 22 Aug 2014

The calibration of the battery might be incorrect to start with. Try recalibrating it.

  SURVEY 09:59 22 Aug 2014

alanrwood - that's what I think also! Seems to be performing but it hasn't run down yet from its first charge. Will take a few discharges/recharges probably to be most efficient.

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