dell laptop battery not charging

  dvdcllns 14:43 19 Aug 2013

I have a Dell 1525 running Win7 Ultimate. The stopped being charged so advised to buy a new one. No change so then advised to buy a new charger. Still no change. Works well on the mains. Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:33 19 Aug 2013

Laptop Battery not showing Charging 1. Turn off the computer, 2. Take the battery out 3. Take out the power supply 4. Push the power button down for 30 seconds. 5. Reconnect power supply 6. Then the battery.

  dvdcllns 15:47 19 Aug 2013

Tried both these, no joy. Maybe I should have included this: The icon in the notification area says 0% available, plugged in, not charging Does that make any difference to the question?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:34 19 Aug 2013

Its usually the battery

I have a Toshiba that shows 63% not charging, even thought the battery is totally dead and will not power the laptop. A second older battery charges OK when insert so I know it the battery and not the machine.

  T0SH 16:53 19 Aug 2013

If when power is connected and the battery fitted when you hover the mouse over the charging icon it says something close to "powered but not charging" this can indicate that the Dell laptop battery charging electronics thinks you are using the wrong power supply to charge the battery , as you have indicated you have tried a replacement charger without success then it could be either a problem with the battery or even the small battery charger board fitted at the upper rear of the laptop but replacement of this board does require an element of technical skill

If you know anyone with the same version Dell laptop would make diagnostics easier by first trying a known compatible charger ,then a known working battery , if both of the above fail to fix the issue then you can be almost certain it is a charger board fault

Cheers HC

  dvdcllns 23:31 19 Aug 2013

Hi Tosh, Thanks for that. I've tried three or four chargers, the house has a few Dell laptops, all give the same response. The battery is new and purchased from a reliable source too. Ironically the m'board was replaced under warranty 17 months ago (keyboard plug failure) but the warranty on the laptop has now expired. Is the part you mentioned a big/expensive job to replace? I've changed boards on desktops and CPU's on laptops before so know my way around, sort of. Cheers.

  dvdcllns 08:49 20 Aug 2013

Thanks for all the advice, I reckon it could well be a hardware fault on the M'board or immediate connection. I'll have to investigate further.

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