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  YAMA 00:27 09 Nov 2008

hiyou boffins, here is the problem. it is with my grandsons laptop, it is , a dellInspiron 6400, and what is happening is, that on switch on, the light come on then flash off and the screen is black,--he has taken the battery out and left it out for a while, put it back in and the it started up ok. but it has happened a few times and has repeated taking it out, wait a whil and replce it, and tonight while i was there it happend again, so I was able to see what happend, there is a light small light showing,and a slight murmer, I got him to plug in direct from the mains, but still no joy, no screen show. so what do you think is wrong, and what to do, ?????? thanks yama

  YAMA 08:35 09 Nov 2008

hello pc bofins still have not had a reply, do's not any one have an answer to the problem, i posted yesterday, please advise yama

  birdface 08:57 09 Nov 2008

I think if you look you posted it to-day.Being Sunday some folk stay in bed a bit longer.No doubt someone will be on soon.Maybe try switching the power off,Then take the battery the on switch for 30 seconds and then try again.

  skidzy 09:54 09 Nov 2008

Hi Yama

I have the Dell Inspiron 6400 and i think your first steps here is to try and boot into safemode and try a system restore.

Continually tap F8 on startup and select safemode,then use system restore to a time all was well.

This could be a Microsoft update issue or even possible software conflict.
Lets rule these out first if possible.

This assuming you can boot into safemode.

Im off out in a bit,but will pop in later to see how you got along.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 09 Nov 2008

Tried on mains with battery removed?

  YAMA 11:21 09 Nov 2008

hello buteman, thanks for that but as you can see what i wrote the battery way I have tried, to recap what I'm asking is if any one would know the cause of the fault, and a way of putting it right, cheers yama

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