Dell Laptop

  jim63 13:46 05 Jan 2007

I have the Dell Inspiron 1300 Laptop. Can I connect to the TV to view photo's ect. What do I need to be able to do this.

  FreeCell 14:25 05 Jan 2007

If your TV has a VGA connector, as many LCD TVs do, then it is straightforward just to connect a VGA monitor cable between the two. On the Dell the VGA connector is on the left hand side. You can then switch the display between TV, Dell screen or both with function key.

If TV doesn't have a VGA then you would need to find some sort of adaptor, but I am not personaly aware of one.

  FreeCell 15:01 05 Jan 2007

Found an adaptor but all depends on the input connectors on your TV.

click here

  wjrt 18:49 14 Jan 2007
  FreeCell 16:57 16 Jan 2007

From what I know of the Inspiron I do not think it has a TV-Out function in the graphics capability, so in my view no it's not suitable.

It would be the vga connector that fits to the laptop anyway, the S-video would go in the TV.

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