Dell Inspiron Windows 10 login error

  tallboy 22:37 09 Dec 2017

My wife has a new 64-bit Windows 10 Dell Inspiron desktop PC. When it was delivered it had not been updated to Autumn Creator's update and also had 10+ outdated drivers. I have updated to machine to the latest version of Windows and also updated all the drivers. However, it has one annoying problem; the start-up operations come up in the wrong order such that you are presented with a blue screen with the message "The User Name or Password is incorrect" before it's given you a chance to enter anything. As soon as you click on OK you get to the normal login screen. This error only occurs from a 'cold' startup; if you instigate a restart you get to the correct login page without seeing the blue screen. Anyone any ideas how to fix it? Thanks.

  Tech_mad 22:57 09 Dec 2017

How many local users do you have?

  tallboy 17:30 11 Dec 2017

Thanks for the posts Tech-mad / rdave13 / MJS WARLORD. This new Dell only has one local user. Although we only received it on 01/12/17, the Windows 10 OS hadn't been updated for some months. It worked OK when it arrived, but after updating with Microsoft's Autumn update, the so-called fast Startup arrived. (Ugggh!) Once again, that has proved to be the culprit. Having disabled it, the PC now starts up correctly.

I then found a further bug (now fixed). If you started up with the headphones plugged in, they were fine, but if you unplugged them and then subsequently plugged them in again without re-booting, they didn't work. That problem turned out to be an 'updated' audio driver. Rolling back to an earlier driver solved the problem.

Everyone tells you to keep your drivers updated. That would be OK if the software writers of them tested them fully - but they don't!.

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