Dell inspiron one 2320 Drivers after reinstall

  Ex plorer 13:01 12 May 2014

Hi I have just done a reinstall back to factory settings. I have a drivers disk when I loade the disk it shows

Audio drivers ticked. Controller drivers ticked. Network (NIC) Drivers ticked. Video Drivers ticked.

Network (NIC) Applications, all below UN- Ticked Atheros Wireless 1502 WLAN Mini Card Desktop REV: A00 Intel intel 6230 802.11

Atheros Wireless 1702 WLAN&BT combo mini card desktop REV: 00 a/b/g/n, BT3.0 Desktop rev: A00 There are three of theses the same un-ticked.

Video Applications Cyberlink Dubbing 10 REV A01 Un-ticked Dell OSD REV:00 Un-ticked.

Should I reload drivers from this disk or not?

When hovering over any ticked it says A hardware scan has detected this device. Topic Driver System Models Inspiron one 2320 Operating system Win7 64Bit English

The same applies to un-ticked in Applications and Video.

  Ex plorer 13:19 12 May 2014

Panicked a bit on this, In help the ticked are to say that these are the drivers for this PC, the un-ticked are for other model's of PCs as they are all on one disk. But do I still install them.

  Ex plorer 13:23 12 May 2014

Thanks MechKB 2 all seems to work, but its slow on the internet that's with IE Chrome or Fire-Fox

  Ex plorer 11:03 13 May 2014

That's what I did and expected to happen. However it shows all its drivers with a tick from the disk.

To install the drivers you click on them and install them that way, I tried one and it removed the existing driver and replaced it.

So I reckon all drivers are loaded and were never deleted during the the factory reset.

Its sluggish from switch on to Google search 2min 20secods not bad after that. i5 6 Gig Ram. Nothing loaded except Security, for the internet and its the same as Vista.

4 year old vista loaded with all manner of things 50 seconds.

Thanks for your help and time.

  BRYNIT 13:02 13 May 2014

The factory restore will have installed all drive that where installed when you first got the computer. The disk is usually just a backup copy. Some new computer especially HP come with a program that will search for updated drivers to save installing wrong drivers.

If you have no problems and no yellow exclamation marks in device manager I'd just leave it. You will find now and again windows update offering new drivers when they are available as an optional extra but you will need to check for these as the are not automatically installed .

  Ex plorer 14:32 13 May 2014

Thanks BRYNIT no yellow exclamation marks in device manager.

MechKB 2 Quick connection without problems tried it hard wired but its just the same.

I will delve further into this Dell, over the next several days and see what I can come up with using What tools there is in the Dell PC.

Maybe a free Diagnostic program might help and see what that says.

I ran a Diagnostics by tapping f12 and that was fine.

  Ex plorer 14:08 14 May 2014

I have now removed 90% from the start up menu.

Closed all that are not necessary in Services.

Deleted any programs that I wont use that were installed when reinstalling.

IE is not responding very well always needs to close. FF is usable GC is a little better than FF.

un-ticked Instant Search, that was an improvement to FF.

There is still a delay when choosing a search criteria of 3-4seconds.(FF)

Last speed check from Gadget Show at 13.55 (1.77 upload / 0.53 download) that's about average for me.

Now 2min to Google page from boot.

Its better if I find I can improve further I will get back.

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