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Dell Inspiron N5010 Running at Glacial Speed

  Tycho 11:39 18 Jan 2016

The signs:

1) Firefox starts very slowly (Edge is no better) frequently shows "Not responding" for half a minute 2) Typing an email can be painful. I can key in a whole sentence before any text shows on the screen. 3) A clicked link takes ages to open.

System performance from the task manageer seems to be showing that it is not overloaded. As I type this CPU= 45% memory 65% Disk 2% Network 0% Keeping an eye onthe updating Task Manager shows these values to be pretty constant.

In the past I have tried AVG performance enhancer on this laptop when I was running on W7 but it seemed a waste of money.

OS Windows 10 Home with all updates (Interesting the Belarc Advisor reports the computer as having W8.1 installed) HD: 195GB free space o a 442GB drive Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) P6100 @ 2.00GHz RAM: 4GB

I rather think that my next stage should be a reset to resinstall the OS.

Any advice as to anyting else I could try?


  wee eddie 20:21 24 Jan 2016

I won't argue but, I disagree

  martd7 20:39 24 Jan 2016

I had to use AVGs uninstaller too because pc kept reporting "missing avg file" when I changed to Avira,and when I changed to Avast I used avira removal tool which didnt work I had to use Revo and ccleaner

  Tycho 20:46 24 Jan 2016

I used both of the AVG 64bit uninstallers but they have left the AVG bits and pieces listed above.

Things are better than they were when I originally aske dthe question. But the only thing that has made a difference is getting rid og 32 bit Firefox and installing 64 Bit Firefox.

Performance is, in the main acceptable now.

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