Dell Inspiron Laptop Static noise from DJ speakers

  kevrichards 23:55 05 Jan 2010

After connecting my Dell laptop to my mixer to start Djing I found when the laptop was plugged in at the mains a loud static noise came from dj set up speakers. After playing about with it for a while I found when it ran off the battery it was fine but as soon as I plugged the laptop in at the mains there it was again. So after speaking to Dell tech team today It turns out its a known problem with certain models which they apparently are trying to sort out. So after serching for a laptop for a while to dj from I bought a Dell Inspiron which known to the company has a problem with connecting up to another power sorce. Will they sort it soon & will they contact us? Who knows, all I know is I have new lap top that was sold to me with a problem. THANKS!

  DJ-Garry 12:31 06 Jan 2010

I have a big Acer 17" and a smaller hp laptop ..... BOTH do exactly the same thing .... The hp even does it when plugged into my 2.1 desktop speakers. I've managed to reduce it dramatically by messing around with volume levels on the pc, the program and the speakers themselves .... With the Acer .... (now get this .... it's weird) .... you can almost completly get rid of the noise when it's connected to my DJ cosole ......... by opening the e-mail program (don't ask me why) ..... After an hour or so, it comes back ... so I just close and re-open the e-mail program again .....

It's the weirdest thing in the world .....

Anyone have any ideas as why we're getting this interference ????

Thanks, Garry :)

  Pineman100 14:14 06 Jan 2010

I'm no kind of expert on this, but I think my first suspect would be the mains transformer. This is a "black box" that's usually part of the laptop's mains power lead.

Try getting this transformer as far away from your speakers as possible, and see whether this eliminates or at least reduces the static hum.

If you manage to reduce it, but not eliminate it, maybe try putting the transformer in a biscuit tin or similar metal container. But do be careful that it doesn't overheat.

  DJ-Garry 22:54 06 Jan 2010

I have tries lots of different cable run techniques .... none seem to make any difference ..... Think my transformer would overheat if put in screened tin ..... Wouldn't the tin have be earthed to work tho ????

  DJ-Garry 17:05 07 Jan 2010

bump :)

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