Dell Inspiron Laptop Static noise from DJ speakers

  DJ-Garry 12:31 06 Jan 2010

I have a big Acer 17" and a smaller hp laptop ..... BOTH do exactly the same thing .... The hp even does it when plugged into my 2.1 desktop speakers. I've managed to reduce it dramatically by messing around with volume levels on the pc, the program and the speakers themselves .... With the Acer .... (now get this .... it's weird) .... you can almost completly get rid of the noise when it's connected to my DJ cosole ......... by opening the e-mail program (don't ask me why) ..... After an hour or so, it comes back ... so I just close and re-open the e-mail program again .....

It's the weirdest thing in the world .....

Anyone have any ideas as why we're getting this interference ????

Thanks, Garry :)

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