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Dell Inspiron Flagship for CS students

  Maverick262001 10:44 28 Apr 2018

Hi guys.. I have decided to take a computer science course for my college and I need a laptop to support my projects including cybersecurity considering future proof hardware and not too high end specs will this one be the perfect choice for me https ://

Or should I step down a bit and save a few bucks ? Note: Pls do consider future internships workloads.

  wee eddie 12:41 28 Apr 2018

For someone starting a Computer Science Course.

Using the term "Future Proof" displays a deep misunderstanding of your subject

  Maverick262001 14:35 28 Apr 2018

Future proof meaning the hardware won't stop my progress in my field in near future. Secondly if you have the answer of my question please do answer that.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:46 29 Apr 2018

Maverick, that's a fast, well-specified computer and it should still be fast in a few years' time. Its number crunching performance should be excellent.

The SSD is a bit titchy however so there'll only be enough space for Windows and your apps. Your personal data will need to go on the 5400RPM mechanical drive but that shouldn't cause much of a bottleneck.

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