Dell Inspiron 910 - New drive required

  compumac 22:35 28 Mar 2010

A friend purchased a Dell Inspiron 910 some eighteen months ago and it crashed displaying "Disc read error". It would appear that the drive is defunct. I have found it impossible to locate a drive for it on the Dell website or via their "helpline". Despite speaking slowly and deliberately to the "helpline" there appeared great difficulty in understanding my requirement of a new drive. Finally after an hour of being cut off repeatedly Dell advised that the drive was not available from them but indicated that I should contact click here. They were unable to help either.

I have always ben under the impression that manufacturers were bound to keep stock of spares for a given length of time. Does anyone know where one can be obtained?

  northumbria61 23:08 28 Mar 2010

This describes the drive which is required for your Dell Inspiron 910
click here

Available from here:-
click here

  northumbria61 23:23 28 Mar 2010

If you wish to contact SCAN computers for further information about this drive you can from the Home Page - bottom of page left hand side under "Contact Info" - E-Mail : Please click here - then under QUERIES click on SALES and fill in SALES QUERY form.
or alternatively by telephone - Tel: 0871-472-4747

  northumbria61 13:48 29 Mar 2010

I am confused here by the previous post. It appeared you were wanting info on a new hard drive?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:51 29 Mar 2010

john810 is a "spammer" trying to get people to log on to bad sites and or purchase useless software that can be done better for free, DO NOT click on any of his links.

  compumac 13:51 29 Mar 2010

No idea what john810 was refering to. Yes I am looking for a new drive, but it is not for myself and would have to be quite cheap.

  northumbria61 14:05 29 Mar 2010

Hi Fruit Bat - thanks for the info.

  northumbria61 14:08 29 Mar 2010

compumac - the drive I have suggested is a SSD (Solid State Drive) - they are not cheap at the moment. You could still ask SCAN computers for advice (Advice is always free) - I am in no way connected to SCAN computers but I have had dealings with them as a customer (a satisfied customer)

  compumac 12:54 28 Apr 2010

At this time I am aware of a source for the SSD unit at an extremely competitive price after explaining the circumstances. The lady to whom the unit belongs to, has a very very limited budget and at this time does not even have the finances available to purchase it. So until such time as she has the finances the situation remains in limbo. I should state here, - being retired, that my helping with PC problems is given totally free and is out of interest/hobby.
One question I would ask and then call this resolved/ given up on.
I have been in contact with Dell since the middle of March about the availability of spares for the unit and the responses have been absolutely abysmal. Dell state that the unit is a basic unit and is the reason for there being no spares. My understanding was that all manufacturers were under an obligation to keep stocks of spares for a given length of time.
Does anyone out there know of manufacturers obligations in this respect?

  northumbria61 14:13 28 Apr 2010

Bit of a "grey area" - " Unfortunately there is no legal obligation for a manufacturer in this regard, although there are some trade associations who require their members to ensure products are not rendered useless due to the absence of spare parts.

I think it is more to do with the pace at which Technology moves and there doesn't appear to be any clear indication as to how long, if any, that spares should be available. However I would personally expect spares to be available if my computer was only 18 months old !

I am of the opinion that Dell are not interested once you have bought the product, but then ask yourself, are there many that are these days ?

  compumac 14:20 28 Apr 2010

In respect of your last note "I am of the opinion that Dell are not interested once you have bought the product, but then ask yourself, are there many that are these days". I called in at a local computer store who made exactly the same comment. I agree. But I am old fashioned and do not subscribe to the view that because they are not interested we should accept that. I am more for complaining for old values of customer support and not accepting what is or has now become the norm. If more of us complained then perhaps Dell and the like would sit up and make an effort.

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