Dell inspiron 8100

  wossie 21:46 11 Jul 2003

Howia, I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 which had XP, and the owner want's 98 instead. I have reinstalled loads of PC's but this is my first Laptop. It stated during the 98 installation something about removing your existing PC card drivers which could conflict with the 32 bit windows drivers, I continued and installed 98. Has anyone carried out this change and are there 98 drivers for the modem, sound, etc. A detailed report and links for drivers' and I will be externally grateful. Thanks, Wossie.

  Psiman 22:01 11 Jul 2003

Let me get this right. You have a contract from a Client to re-frub the OS on a laptop but you haven't done this before?

Please tell me I'm dreaming!

My apologies if I have got this wrong.

  wossie 22:57 11 Jul 2003

I hate to break the news to you, but you are not dreaming and as you have correctly read "It is my first laptop/notebook to switch from XP to 98" I was just enquiring about the "need to remove the PC card drivers, as they might conflict with the 32 bit windows drivers" I have built about 20 PC's including my own AMD XP2800, but I have not come across this warning. My question is, are there 98SE drivers out there for the chipset, modem, audio, graphics,if any one has done this what are the pitfalls. Apology accepted. Wossie.

  woodchip 23:06 11 Jul 2003

So what have you done, have you reformatted the drive to get rid of XP, as that will remove the drivers and every thing on the drive.

  woodchip 23:08 11 Jul 2003

You need to post a list of the hardware you have to get drivers i.e.modem, sound card etc.

  wossie 23:30 11 Jul 2003

Thanks for a sane reply woodchip, The graphics is GeForce 2 GO, (30.x and 41.X reports chip not present to support this driver. What do I need?. Sound- ESS Maestro PCI Audio WDM, PCMIA Texas instruments 4451 cardbus controller, XIRCOM Cardbus Ethernet 100+ Modem. Chipset 815 or 815E, are the drivers the same,are they the same as a desktop. The device manager is reporting YELLOW exclamination marks on, PCI ethernet controller, PCI Multimedia Audio Device, PCI serial controller, and in system devices, system board extension for PnP Bios. I have installed Win 98 SE and I don't have any driver cd. So I need Audio, VGA, Network, Chipset. I have downloaded drivers already from relevent sites and they are not correct, which is why I am here. Thanks again for any helpful advice. Wossie.

  smegs 00:35 12 Jul 2003

Wossie, I have just bn looking at the site click here & for the Geforce 2 Go, the drivers won't go on 98.

  wossie 00:44 12 Jul 2003

thanks smegs, there must be drivers out there as I have heard of people back tracking O/S. thanks. Wossie

  temp003 06:45 12 Jul 2003

Dell has its own webiste for downloading drivers for different OS's. I have checked both the US and UK sites, and I can't find the drivers you want for Windows 98. Presumably you've checked. If not, click here for the UK download site.

The trouble with laptops is things are not as standard as desktops. To complicate things, Dell which has a large share of the market has its own versions of drivers, and the component manufacturer's generic drivers may or may not work.

When I bought my Inspiron 8000 2 and a half years ago, the choice of OS was I think only ME or Windows 2000 (before XP was released), though not sure. Inspiron 8100 was a later model and it wouldn't be surprising if Dell did not provide Windows 98 drivers for newer components on the 8100.

The safer course would be to revert to XP if generic drivers don't work. If you or your client still wants to persevere, the 8100 does have a number of Windows ME drivers for some of your components. Whether they will install, or will work (or cause any problems) I don't know. But at least ME is much closer to 98 as an OS than Windows 2000 or XP.

You will find a 98 driver for a xircom lan/modem combo listed under Inspiron 8000. Don't know whether it's the same model. Same warning applies.

For the chipset, you can try click here

That still doesn't cover all of the exclamation marks in Device Manager.

  wossie 12:30 12 Jul 2003

Thanks a million temp003 some useful info there, I had spoken to someone this morning and he asked for the service tag, and confirmed no drivers for 98. So I am going to try ME and am in the process of downloading drivers for same. Again thanks for your time, I am not an expert but I am doing my best. Wossie.

  wossie 13:03 12 Jul 2003

I installed Win ME and it picked up almost everything without updating drivers etc. So a small bit of work to tidy it up and we are on the swines hump. Thanks all. Wossie.

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