Dell Inspiron 6400

  tonyq 09:30 31 Mar 2006

my son is after a new laptop around(£800-£900) for use at uni.I have come across the "Dell Inspiron 6400"which seems to have reasonable specs, does anyone have one,if so comments please. Can anyone give info on which O.S is the better option to choose,Windows XP Home or Media Centre Edition 2005.
Regards tonyq

  Belatucadrus 10:39 31 Mar 2006

Depends what he needs to do with it, If it's just for word processing and surfing the web, then it's more than enough. My baseline Inspiron 1300 is fine for that and anything else I chose to throw at it. Though it would need a memory upgrade if I wanted to use it for heavy duty graphics or 3d imaging work.
As to what OS, I'd go for XP home as I really don't see the point of spending the extra for media centre unless you've got a silent PC with a large enough screen and quality stereo output to make it of any use.
Don't forget to buy some security for it, a cable lock should be a minimum.

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