PFMarconi 13:25 04 Jan 2009

Please accept this post from a non-techie person.

I have a 1525 which for some reason has changed the way of showing the open files / programmes when “minimised” on the taskbar. They are no longer showing in a line next to each other on the taskbar near the START button.

Instead they have become “stacked” to the bottom right, (just left of the hidden icons).

At the moment I have an IE browser window and 6 different programmes open. I can only see the IE icon and the Word icon.

Next to them are 2 small “arrow heads”, one facing up, the other down. When I click on the up or down head, 2 other open programme icons show up.

Is anyone able to tell me how to change things back to “normal” !!

Many thanks for any help


Ps I will just say that this morning the system refused to shut down. Instead, it just ran in “logging off” mode. I resolved it by using Safe Mode which then allowed me to shut down properly everytime I tried afterwards.

  birdface 13:42 04 Jan 2009

Maybe right click the taskbar.You will see a couple of vertical broken lines,Left click the mouse on one and drag it to the left and see if that helps.Remember to go back and lock the Taskbar.Or right click Taskbar.Toolbars.And make sure Quicl launch is ticked.

  birdface 13:45 04 Jan 2009

And maybe run your security programs and see if they find any problems.

  lotvic 14:41 04 Jan 2009

That is normal. It just means that the bar is full and it has a second row.

  PFMarconi 17:42 04 Jan 2009

Thanks buteman & lotvic.

the advice for the former doesn't work.

lotvic's comments "That is normal. It just means that the bar is full and it has a second row" is not relevant in this case. i can have as few as 3 programmes open and the problem still exists.

This is a real irritation.


  lotvic 19:33 04 Jan 2009

With your left mouse button drag the couple of vertical broken lines on the taskbar to the left and you will see that the 'stack' will alter.
At the moment you appear to only have room for 2 on one line, so you will have 4 rows in your stack if you have 7 progs open.

  PFMarconi 19:50 04 Jan 2009

Many thanks for your help Buteman & Lotvic.

Sorted it out by unlocking then originally mentioned by Buteman!
Anyway, thanks again.


  lotvic 19:55 04 Jan 2009

brill :)
buteman had the answer :)

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