Dell inspiron 15 laptop crash.

  Pumbaaah 09:29 03 May 2010

Gah this is killing me. I have a dell inspiron 15 laptop, installed with windows vista. Every time I boot it, it run's a DSKCHK of c. Thats all fine and dandy, but from the moment the computer begins i literally have 2 minutes before it freezes. By freeze i mean the screen still shows what it had on it, but it goes all hazy and the little blue loading circle appears. Thats just enough time for me to copy files to a memory stick, but sadly, not enough time to re-install windows vista from the CD.

Can anyone help me with this? :P

  onthelimit 09:32 03 May 2010

If you tap F8 during start up, you should access a page where you can repair the installation. If that doesn't work, you may have to 'restore to factory....' , but that would mean you would loose any data.

  Pumbaaah 09:41 03 May 2010

Ok give me a few miutes do do the system check... and i'll give that a go.

  Pumbaaah 09:49 03 May 2010

Ok i'm doing a complete system restore from when I forst got the computer. I've allready got the files i need from it, so lets just hope it works.

  Pumbaaah 09:52 03 May 2010

No that didn't work. It was still all freezey.

"Performing Factory Image Restore"

Lets hope thissss one works :P

  dvdcllns 12:56 03 May 2010

How old is the machine? I had to restore to factory conditions on a Dell 6400 and still had problems with Vista HP not updating (it was one of the first OS's out of the cage). I had to reinstall Vista from a disc using the sticker code, revalidate and then update everything. All was good and still is.

  Pumbaaah 17:39 03 May 2010

the machine is like a year and a half old... And nothings working at the moment. Im getting messages like:

System restore failed X
Factory image restore failed X

and it all freezes up....

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