Dell Inspirion N7010 - USB or Network Card stopped working

  matt-few 06:23 06 Jul 2014


A friend has asked me to look at her laptop. The Network Card stopped working, so connected via Ethernet. No joy, so she bought a USB BT Dongle to connect to the internet, still not working.

I've looked at the laptop, disabled / enabled, uninstall and installed after restart. Wireless network show using Network card, when the laptop is sat inches away from a VM Superhub it still says limited connectivity and will not connect after minutes of trying.

When I used Dell Diagnostic software that came with the laptop, it shows both the network card and USB to be working correctly. A USB hard drive was connected and the software told me the manufacture and hard drive details of the external hard drive. In computer management, the hard drive does not show. The BT Dongle software will install, but in network settings it's shown as disabled, but will not let me enable it even after disabling the other card.

I was to do a clean install of Windows 7, but want to back up her data first. I can't yet as unable to copy the files off the computer first.

Have spent several hours trying to fix it so far, so any help really appreciated.

Many thanks Matt

  matt-few 06:27 06 Jul 2014

Subject should read - USB and Network Card stopped working - sorry

  BRYNIT 08:01 06 Jul 2014

Have you tried uninstalling all universal serial bus controllers and then reboot laptop?

Have you tried booting into safe mode to see if you can connect a USB drive?

If you have a hard drive hub for a 2.5" drive remove the HD connect to your computer and scan fully for any viruses etc before copying files over.

  matt-few 09:13 06 Jul 2014

Thanks Brynit

I have uninstalled all the USB serial bus controllers that I could. Some would not unistalled as being used by other programs. I'm starting to wonder now about virus on this machine.

Do you mean to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put in an an external hard drive enclosure unit and scan it on another computer?

If this is the case, could I then transfer all the files on the laptop hard drive to an external hard drive. Wipe the C partition of the laptop hard drive and reinstall windows 7 from the recovery partition.

Thanks again Matt

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 06 Jul 2014

Do you mean to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put in an an external hard drive enclosure unit and scan it on another computer?

yes that will allow you to transfer data but not programs. make sure you have all the serial Nos and install files/ disks for any programs installed after purchase of machine.

  matt-few 12:10 06 Jul 2014

Thanks Brynit and Fruit Bat.

Thanks for your advice. I wonder if it could be some of the free software on the machine like NCH that's caused the problem or possible a virus.

Will get their other discs off them before doing anything else. They can scan their hard drive for viruses as don't have AV software on my Mac.

Thanks again Matt

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