DEll Insperon Laptop- Vista

  jack 17:26 25 Sep 2010

This machine has come my way- because the owner says it will not start.
She is right
So far I have run the Dell recover Disk- which goes through the motions of loading files- but does not seem to finish.
I have looked at various repair/Restore Options.
But it will not come to life.
The HDD seems OK insofar that all these options load -or is it- is it the various options are motherboard firmware and the HDD has died?

  MAJ 17:35 25 Sep 2010

Yes it sounds like the hard drive has died, you could do some diagnostics on it and maybe get it going again, but the best option is to replace it.

  jack 17:51 25 Sep 2010

So I have been removing covers[ it also appears some one else got there before me - lots of missing screws]
But the drive appears to be well ensconced away from removable covers and the whole base needs to come off.
No apparent way to do this from the underside
Any suggestions- and being a DELL would there be any point?
Is it a standard Mini-IDE or SATA connector?

I could I suppose just return it and tell them to take it to a Dell shop

  MAJ 18:22 25 Sep 2010

Laptop drives are [usually] relatively easy to remove, jack. I've just had a quick look at my Inspiron 1545 laptop and the hard drive can be removed via a covered slot on the lefthand side of the laptop (towards the front). If it's a newish laptop, it should have a SATA drive.

  MAJ 18:25 25 Sep 2010

There will be a few screws to remove, via the bottom of the laptop, to release the covered slot's cover.

  jack 10:49 26 Sep 2010

As stated all the peripheral screws had been removed by another body- who did not put tham back.
The central 'L' shaped cover seems to reveal only the memory slot.
No others to take off
Will send it back me thinks

  onthelimit 11:29 26 Sep 2010

Some ideas click here

  funf 11:51 26 Sep 2010

It will be very costly to send back. £25 each way and you pay for both ways.Dell wanted over £200 pounds for Webcam drivers, so goodness knows what they charge for new hard drive,plus fitting and installing software back to origional settings.

  T0SH 17:30 26 Sep 2010

goto the dell web site support section look up the model number or better still enter the dell service tag number when you get to the support page look for manuals and select this option to get a list of those available if there is a service manual listed it may be in HTML or PDF this will show you the location of all the major parts and how to remove and replace them

Cheers HC

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