Dell Insiron 910

  ColdFuzion 01:22 02 Dec 2010


I have lost my recovery CD with this laptop (STUPIDLY) i know, however i have the liscence etc etc and a genuine copy of XP Home, however upon trying to setup, it fails at the HDD detection as its a Solid State HDD.

I know that i need to splipstream the drivers into the boot using Nlite and make a backup off my origional, however im having a MAJOR problem finding the drivers to slipstream into the setup, ive tried all the intel TEXTMODE drivers (which are used mainly for the SATA) which usually works with everything else.

But this im having such a major problem re-installing XP.

Any help would be a major + and ahuge thanks to all that (hopefully) will help.


  Jwbjnwolf 13:56 02 Dec 2010

Do you know if the hidden partition is still there in which the recovery console is hidden in?
If not sure, at the bios screen(dell logo screen) try holding 'alt'+ tap on 'f10'. you may still have it.

  Cymro. 17:17 02 Dec 2010

On my DEll you can select different restore methods by pressing F12 or F8 at boot-up. The F8 allows you to select Factory Image.

  ColdFuzion 17:43 02 Dec 2010

Nope, no recovery lol, im really really stuck with this one...bloody solid state what a headache.

If theres a way to pissibly convert VISTA drivers to XP then i could do that, because VISTA and 7 both show the drive, but it just isnt anywhere near good enough run them OS'S.


  GaT7 18:07 02 Dec 2010

Try slipstreaming the drivers available at click here (this is following on from this article: Setting Up Windows on an SSD click here). G

  GaT7 18:14 02 Dec 2010

If you manage to install XP, these tweaks/tips could come in handy: Making XP Pro SSD friendly click here - it mentions Pro, but should be for the Home version too. G

  woodchip 18:35 02 Dec 2010

sounds like this is a netbook, Driver Downloads hear click here

  Jwbjnwolf 18:37 02 Dec 2010

are you able to borrow an xp disk from freind or who ever and you then just use your key of your copy of xp?
But remember, you have to make sure it is the same edition of windows, and the same bit.
so for example if you have xp home 64bit it has to match those details exactly.

  ColdFuzion 22:48 02 Dec 2010

Hi again.

I tried all of the above, slipstreaming the drivers didnt work =[ it goes to the setup and says no hard disks, which is annoying me lol, as vista and 7 find the hard disk, so i know the drivers are there for vista and 7, and unfortunately i dont have a disc for Dell to lend =[ and i know its 32 bit XP Home SP3.

I was kinda hoping sum1 had the restore disc which they could send the slipstreamed drivers over lol.

I went to the Dell drivers site, the intel drivers slipstreamed perfect however the other hdd drivers had no "setup info" or somthing nlite was saying so it didnt find any drivers in that folder (as i think it was an EXE what fails upon attempting to install) and im unsure if that EXE will unpack (as tried with winrar but it failed).


  woodchip 12:40 03 Dec 2010

Double click the exe file or run it from the Disc its on in DOS

  woodchip 12:43 03 Dec 2010

PS put the EXE file on a USB stick then run it from the Prompt after booting with a bootable disc

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