Dell engineer visit.

  lisa02 14:25 13 Feb 2008

Followin intel RAID manager giving another warning, they are coming out to fit refurbed seagate hard drives instead of the samsungs. At one & 1/2 months old I thought I'd be entitled to new parts but hey.

Will the 14gig recovery partition be put back, as in this click here one?

As for RAIDO, can I opt not to have it, the Dell India guy said I'd need to take it up the engineer?

One more question, would I be better buying new drives than taking refurbed ones?

  crosstrainer 14:27 13 Feb 2008

That if they have admitted that the 2 Samsungs are faulty (very rare this I have four of them and never had a problem) then you should be entitled to new drives...I would insist on it.

The RAID option can be disabled in your BIOS screen.

  lisa02 14:33 13 Feb 2008

Intel RAID thingy has thrown up that the second drive has had read/write errors on top when the HDD activity light is on the machine is very, very loud as opposed to machine being just being very loud anyway.

Dell tech dood had me run diagnostics from tapping f12 on boot up and it found no errors but said they'd replace them anyway.

How loud are your samsungs?

  lisa02 14:33 13 Feb 2008

Oh and should I cancel the visit until the HDDs go pop, if ever they do?

  crosstrainer 14:39 13 Feb 2008

At home are whisper quiet...I have 3 pc's at home one running xp pro with 2 250GB samsungs in it, one running Vista with 2 of the same 250GB spinpoints, and one in the bedroom running Vista with 2 Hitachi deskstars installed. None make any noise at all....You have to be really unlucky to get 2 to die after such a short space of time, although it's possible that only one of them has.

Since you purchased new goods, you should get new replacement parts...It's your right. Should also add that I sell Samsung and Hitachi drives and I have had more of the Hitachi's fail than the spinpoints. And very few of either.

  lisa02 14:50 13 Feb 2008

Whisper quiet.... these ones aren't. They're driving me nuts.

Are they not being kind, gesture of goodwill etc to replace both just because they are noisy? I couldn't be bothered pleading my case with Dell in India.

If I get a year or so outta the machine it'll be fine, I usually replace the machine instead of upgrading.

  crosstrainer 14:58 13 Feb 2008

= Dying drives....they should not make enough noise to annoy you.....If they are, then they need to be replaced....If you bought a new tv, and it made noise, or did not work properly, you would expect to have it replaced with a new one.

If I took Dell's approach with my clients, I'd be out of business rapido! Stick up for yourself, and insist they fit new hdd's.

  lisa02 15:06 13 Feb 2008

If I'm gonna do that what would be my next course of action? Bearing in mind it's Dell India and comms are pretty poor at best of times.

The visit has been organised and he's coming with the seagates as mentioned.

  crosstrainer 15:13 13 Feb 2008

And explain politely, that you want new hard drives. If this fails, ask to speak to a supervisor or somone in higher authority. DON'T let them fit refurbs.

If that course of action fails, write a letter, addressed to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company, clearly setting out your case. Include order number, age of PC and any other paper details you have.

Now for the clever bit!

Mark the back of the envelope PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. (this ensures that the ceo will read it him / herself and not a secretery.

Hopefully, a simple phone call will suffice :)

  lisa02 15:20 13 Feb 2008

OK I called again this other chap says they are new and they post them out ahead of the engineer calling.

Tres confused now. I'll soon see tomorrow when I'm house bound between 9 and 5.

  crosstrainer 15:22 13 Feb 2008

I cannot imagine a company fitting refurb hdd's. Hope all goes well...Might be an idea to backup all your data today :)

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