Dell E520 dosent post fan at full speed

  Sparkly 20:32 16 Sep 2013

Hi all i have just tried to start my Dell Dimension E520 it will not boot and the fan is at full pelt all the time, no beeps and nothing on the screen. The diognostic light show steady green on 134 nothing on 2, looked at the diognostic light sequence in the service manual and that sequence is not listed. Have taken out the memory modules started with no memory again no beeps and the light are the same, unpluged all drives/card reader agin all the same. Shut the pc down on friday and it had been working fine. Vista 32 bit I gig ram Cant remember of hand about CPU. Appreciate your thoughts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:17 16 Sep 2013

remake all motherboard connections and retry

or try another psu

  Sparkly 08:42 17 Sep 2013

Morning Fruit Bat /\0/\ sorry for the late responce, will try another PSU its not a Dell PSU would it be ok to use as i have read that Dell change connectors/pins so that you can only use Dell replacements.? Thanks

  Sparkly 08:50 17 Sep 2013

Thanks Jock1e, noted.

  Sparkly 11:53 17 Sep 2013

Hi again well done as adviced changed the PSU for known working one, changed CMOS battery, dissconected everything 1 at a time untill only ram installed no change lights showing 134 fan still at full bore, took out the ram one by one untill just the PSU and same problem took out graphics card still the same no beeps no post nothing on screen, not looking good is it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:06 17 Sep 2013

According to enter link description here the only reference to 1 3 4 I can find, is to reseat the graphics card but you seem to have already tried that.

Remove all power connections and CMOS battery hold power button for thirty seconds, refit battery and power connections and attempt a reboot.

  Sparkly 15:35 17 Sep 2013

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\ ,Jock1e thanks for your input on this, after a number of dissasembly and refits with no joy i tried once again the fan went at full oelt as before but this time it came to a stop and i thought maybe were getting somewhere but it has stopped completly now and nothing happens thier is no light on the m/b and no diognostics lights and allso a sweet smell coming out of the case with a lot of heat allso think its time to let this one go. The hard drive is accessible from a caddy so no loss of the music/photos i used the PC for. Thanks again for your help.

  Sparkly 08:07 18 Sep 2013

Hi Jock1e yes think i will try another board off of ebay not overly concerned as i used it as a storeage for music/photo's, and i can still access them as an external drive, i have had a look again inside and the heatsink on the board for the graphics i think you could not touch it, it was that hot,have plenty of spares lying around so just a board needed. Thanks again to you both.

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