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  howard64 12:05 12 Aug 2011

I am trying to get updated drivers from the Dell site for an old inspiron 2500 laptop. When I click to download a driver and try to run it I am asked what prog I want to open this in. The instructions on the Dell site are either non existent or hidden from me. Can anyone tell me how to get the drivers and use them? Thanks in advance.

  howard64 12:09 12 Aug 2011

I should add that the only instructions given are that the files are self extracting zip files. Well they do not self extract.

  T I M B O 12:58 12 Aug 2011

I very often have Dell computers in for repair. I always use the drivers from the manufacturer’s web site as some like to tweak there drivers. If your computer is not opening these drivers and installing them for you, then you may have other issues. When you get that driver it will have a dark blue E with a hammer and screwdriver with a red handle. If you have Vista or Win 7 then right click and install as administrator. If you have XP then just double click it. Once you have done either of these you will see a window for all the machines that the driver is suitable for, just click Continue. The next step will ask you where to open the file too, it's normally C:\dell\drivers\ just click ok. Then the files will be automatically unzipped for you. Once that has now completed, now click "OK". Windows Installer will now install the software for you. So now just follow all the prompts and it should install.

Best of luck!!

  howard64 13:56 12 Aug 2011

High Timbo the laptop is windows me and no matter what I click to download it says Dell down load manager. I cannot find anything to open this with. FYI I log into Dell and it knows that the laptop is for windows me.

  T I M B O 14:10 12 Aug 2011

OMG Windows ME, is that still supported? Prolly not. Because of the security issues and lack of updates from Microsoft i would think it best to think about something more up to date.

  howard64 14:18 12 Aug 2011

I cannot as this has a tiny amount of ram and it is not worth the cost to up it. FYI 1GB ddr2 about £14 256MB for this £22. I have tried xp but it is so sluggish as to be useless.

  T I M B O 14:23 12 Aug 2011

Yes i agree with you about the ram. But ME is no longer supported by Microsoft, so you are always going to have issues sooner or later. When i said something more up to date, i meant a new computer. Lap tops are getting so cheap nowadays & i'm pretty sure that later this August there will be plenty of deals for the bank holiday.

Sorry i can not be much help to you.

  lotvic 15:50 12 Aug 2011

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