Dell Dimension - Case removal

  sardinas 19:11 17 Jun 2005

A friend ahs asked me to install a 1394 card in his Dell Dimension T600.

However as I'm new to this I can't get past first base !

How do I remove the case???

I can see no obvious screws holding the case.

There is a large knob on the side and two areas which seem that I should push.

But nothing happens.

Help !


  BurrWalnut 19:14 17 Jun 2005

Some of them open like a clam. Look for obvious 'hand grip indentations'.

  Cyclone 19:33 17 Jun 2005

A quote from the Dimension Owner's manual.

Lay the computer on its side so that the arrow on the bottom of it points up.

Open the cover:
Facing the back of the computer, press the release button with one hand while pulling up on the top of the cover with the other hand.
Press the release button on the left side of the computer with one hand while pulling up on the top of the cover with the other hand.
Hold the bottom of the computer with one hand, and then pull open the cover with the other hand

  Billp64 20:06 17 Jun 2005

I have a dell and to open the case lay it on its side, on the back I have a cover latch push it to the right and slide the panel off.Hope this helps.

  john-231489 20:41 17 Jun 2005

How old is the machine. If you are not sure can you say which model it is and what processor is inside. This will give a clue as some are different.

  john-231489 21:04 17 Jun 2005

Having done a google search for the T600 it would appear that this case was used by dell for some time and is identical to a dimension 386 I had some years ago. If you look at the back you should see a thumb wheel in the centre on the the left side panel. Unscrew this as far as it will go and with the machine laid on its side push the two lugs you mention towards each other and at the same time pull the entire side panel backwards away from the machine. It will only move a short distance and then lift it clear of the cabinet. If it is the same as mine it does sound complicated but once you have done it you will find it very easy the next time.

Hope this is of some use. - Good luck

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