DELL Dimension 5150 - good deal?

  Sirpad 23:37 13 Oct 2005

I'm thinking of buying a Dell Dimension 5150.
Cost - £660 incl tax and delivery.

Would appreciate any thoughts on whether it's a good deal and if it will be enough to play most kids games (I mainly browse, play some online games and use Outlook myself)

Specs are as follows:

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 521 with HT technology (2.80GHz, 800MHz fsb, 1MB cache)
(Should i go up to 3.00Ghz ?)

Windows Home XP, Home Edition, SP2

1 Year Collect and Return

1024MB Dual Channel DDR2 400MHz (2x512) Memory

80GB (7200rpm) Serial ATA Hard Drive with 8MB DataBurst™ cache

48x/32x/48x/16x CDRW/DVD-ROM combination Drive

No Floppy drive

Dell 17" Value Flat Panel (E173FP)

No DVI to VGA Adapter (DO I NEED ONE?)

128MB ATI Radeon® X300 SE HyperMemory graphics card

No Sound card (surely it needs one?)

Genuine Windows® XP Home Edition, SP2

Logitech LX700 Wireless Kybd & Mse

Microsoft® Office 2003 Basic [Word, Excel, Outlook]

V.92 Data Fax Modem (does not say if it is internal)


  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:22 16 Oct 2005

The modem is internal and you do not need the '3 yr return to base' option that is ticked by default. Unticking this will save you £94. dell are suoperb machines and there is no point in upgrading the processor. With the money saved you shopuld buy an external HD for backups....this WILL save your life at some time.


  keef66 10:46 18 Oct 2005

For the sake of the kids' games upgrade the graphics card, the X300SE is little better than onboard graphics. You probably don't need a sound card, most motherboards have reasonable on-board sound these days, unless you're an audiophile or avid gamer. DVI to VGA adapter depends on what connectors the graphics card will have and what the monitor has. The Dell value flat panel probably has a VGA connector, as do all but the most expensive graphics cards, so you probably don't need one.

  Sirpad 11:19 18 Oct 2005

Will upgrade the X300SE to the 600 which has 256 mb. And have opted NOT to take the 3-yr return to base'

  Totally-braindead 11:45 18 Oct 2005

To answer the question about the DVD connector, the Dell TFT you mention doesn't have a DVI connector so it will connect by the normal graphics card connector. It is known that a DVI connector will improve the picture quality but by how much I don't know, I suspect that the difference will only be noticeable on a really high end system using a high end graphics program, but as I haven't a DVI connector on my TFT myself I'm just guessing. I can only say that personally I'm very happy with the quality of image a TFT gives over a normal CRT monitor and wouldn't switch back.
Personally I'm not too fond of the combined CDRW/DVD-ROM drives and would prefer 2 individual optical drives as if one fails you still have the other one to fall back on until you get a replacement. Also I would ask for a DVD writer, you may not want it now but you may like one later and it can burn CDs as well as DVDs and play back DVDs as well. The difference in cost between a CDRW/DVD-ROM and a DVD writer wouldn't be that great. The modem will be internal and the sound will be onboard.

  Sirpad 12:46 19 Oct 2005

Thanks Gandalf, Keef and Braindead....will probably put out a new thread when I've put my new machine through the rings.

  Cluelessone 22:21 19 Dec 2005

So hows the 5150? I'm considering one.....

  Sirpad 12:34 20 Dec 2005

Hi Cluelessone. I;m very happy with it. Sometimes it seems a bit noisy but that's only when I'm playing certain on-line games. So far so good. Sometimes it seems a bit slow switching between users but that could be an XP thing (never had XP before). I should have gone to 80gig but the 40 seems to suffice for now. For what I paid I think it was an excellent choice.

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