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Dell Dimension 4600 XP

  amonra 19:12 30 May 2008

I have just been given this computer with a small fault which I have corrected and now have a standby working machine. The HD is only 40GB and is showing the strain. There only appears to be one IDE socket on the M/B so a slave is out of the question,so possibly a new 160GB IDE drive. BUT, I noticed a SATA socket on the board. Does anyone have any knowledge of this particular machine, and do you think I could instal a 160GB SATA drive ? I would hate to buy a new SATA drive and find out the socket is for show only !
Your comments please.

  Terry Brown 19:33 30 May 2008

I believe the original Sata drive (SATA 1) run slower than the current Sata 2 (like USB 1 & USB2).
I do not think te current SATA drives (all SATA2) would be compatible, however why not a USB drive?, although if it a USB 1 machine the transfer rate will be very slow, OK or storage but not for running programs.

  Terry Brown 19:39 30 May 2008

I have been checking the specs click here
and either you have the wrong model number or the machine has been seriously downgraded.
Please check link for what this machine should have.

  amonra 20:01 30 May 2008

Thank you both for your comments.

Terry Brown, your link is for the same machine, but for the US market with a slightly faster CPU (2.8G instead of 2.6G) and an 80GB HD instead of the 40GB that's in mine, so obviously a downgraded machine for the British market. I dont fancy an external drive, too messy !

Ambra4, I think I'll adopt your line of thinking by fitting another IDE cable with 2 sockets and buying a cheap IDE drive. It will only ever be used for "playing about" so not really important.
Thank you again.....Ticked as resolved.

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